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Chambre Coloniale
Chambre triple _Coloniale_
Chambre d'hôte _Coloniale_

Room coloniale

Room "Coloniale" (Colonial room)
Rich colours combined with colonial style furnishings for this ground floor guest room.
The room is equipped with a queen-size bed (160 cm wide). An Italian style shower with stucco finish lends an attractive touch to the bathroom space. Lime-coated walls and terra cotta floor tiles infuse this guest room with Cluny's Mediterranean influence.
Individual electric heating.
Broadband Internet connection.
Hair dryer available.

Your Bedrooms

Chambre naturelle

Accessible to the mobility-impaired - Ground floor room.
Decorations in soft and natural tones for this spacious guest room. Furnished with a double bed (160 cm wide), this room has been specially designed to ease movement for our physically disabled guests. The bathroom is equipped with ramps and the Italian style shower can accommodate a wheelchair. All outlets are within arm's reach for the mobility-impaired.
This room is located on the ground floor and opens directly onto the main patio, with same-floor access all the way to the natural pool.
Broadband Internet connection.
Hair dryer available.
Individual electric heating.
Window overlooking the adjacent rolling hills and prairies.

Chambre Angkor

Of Asian inspiration (with bamboo decor and furniture made of exotic woods), this guest room offers lots of modern comfort in a setting of wood, stone and lime-coated walls with the most natural of shades. The room is furnished with two 90-cm beds. The bathroom features a full-size tub, an ideal way to relax after a long hike through the Southern Burgundy hills or a visit of Cluny's monuments and heritage sites. This room is located along the wooden deck upstairs; it overlooks the natural pool and wins admirers for its pretty sunset view.

Chambre Contemporaine

Located upstairs off the wood deck overlooking the natural pool, this spacious guest room decorated using light tones in soft violet and subtle grey has been built with the finest eco-materials (wood, lime coating, terra cotta tiles).
Minimalist lighting fixtures, darker curtains contrasting with the softness of the wall treatment and a bathtub offering jet spray all provide this guest room with a very contemporary feel.
The room is furnished with a queen bed (160 cm).
After a hike in the local hills or a visit of Cluny's sites, you'll enjoy relaxing just the way you like on the wood deck.
Individual electric heating.
Broadband Internet connection.
Hair dryer available

Chambre Pompea

This 38 m2, two-level room facing southwest exudes both a romantic and bucolic charm.
You'll enjoy the spectacular sunsets and a view overlooking surrounding pastureland.

• The ground floor features a sunny living room, infused with joy thanks to its bright colours streaming from the South. Organza-style woven curtains lend a southern Italian atmosphere. The couch folds out into a double bed suitable for two children or an adult.

• On the upper floor, the bedroom contains a queen-size bed. Its finishes in wood and lime, plus the silk bedspread, add to a feeling of serenity and reason.

Bathroom with private bath, separate toilets.
Hair dryer available.
Wireless connection free of charge.
Individual electric heating

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